Ten Essential Tips for Professional Conference Organizers

Ten Essential Tips for Professional Conference Organizers

This article is dedicated to professional conference organizers who have recently returned to producing events following the lifting of Covid restrictions. We find ourselves in a unique situation that goes far beyond logistics. We are collectively experiencing a profound and unprecedented human/emotional shift. Prolonged periods of social isolation (much like times of war) have created a sense of urgency and heightened expectations amongst our clients.

With this in mind, we offer the following tips to alleviate your journey back to normalcy:

πŸ’‘ Know Your Clients:
Understand that your clients are experts within their respective fields of work. Your work will be tested by peers.

πŸ’‘ Do Your Homework:
Take the time to research conferences you’ve organized in the past. Even if you aim to introduce innovative elements, it’s crucial to learn and build upon past successes.

πŸ’‘ Adapt to the Times:
Comply with the current guidelines provided by health authorities, which often necessitate spacious and well-ventilated venues (such as hotels). When in doubt, consult with your clients, as the choice of venue significantly impacts the conference’s success.

πŸ’‘ Build Relationships with Conference Organizers:
Be mindful that entrepreneurs taking the risk of organizing conferences in the aftermath of the pandemic face additional/unique challenges. Invest in building strong relationships with them, and help them get acquainted with the conference details. This will help alleviate their concerns and trepidations.

πŸ’‘ Engage with Participants:
Participants undoubtedly miss the interpersonal aspects of in-person conferences. Provide them with a platform to address any questions or concerns they have via frequent updates and interactive Q&A sessions.

πŸ’‘ Make Social Interaction a Priority:
In the aftermath of our shared experience of social isolation, be sure to carve out ample time for networking and social activities. Collaborate with content teams and organizers to ensure networking/social activities are sufficiently incorporated into the conference program.

πŸ’‘ Establish Health and Safety Measures:
Consider implementing hygiene stations where attendees can easily access the necessary supplies to protect against the ongoing pandemic.

πŸ’‘ Prioritize Enjoyment:
Given the circumstances, the conference’s success will rely heavily on the organizers’ ability to deliver an enjoyable experience for participants. Consider incorporating stand-up comedians, music, or other entertainment elements into the lineup.

πŸ’‘ Capture Memorable Moments:
If possible, try to invest in photography/videography to capture significant/sentimental moments throughout the conference. These images/videos can be shared on the conference website after the event, creating lasting memories.

πŸ’‘ Innovation:
Build a conference website that extends beyond the current event, maintaining ongoing communication with attendees and fostering connections among participants. Explore cutting-edge sound, lighting, and projection systems/techniques to bring innovation to the forefront.